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Natural8's new loyalty program: Fish Buffet!

October 3, 2017

Dear valued affiliate, 


Play your way up the food chain for greater rewards!

We’re delighted to unveil our new Loyalty Program, the Fish Buffet.

Arriving in late October, Fish Buffet will replace our current flat rakeback program, which will no longer be available to players. It’s time to let your players know what’s coming soon and put the word out about Fish Buffet’s arrival.

Fish Buffet is a dynamic multi-tier loyalty scheme aimed at rewarding players based on the volume and frequency of their play.

Fish Buffet has been designed to be more engaging and responsive than any other rewards program in the online poker space; players are required to actively opt in to access their rewards. The moment players opt in and start playing, they will start earning Fish Buffet Points (FP).

Unlike our rakeback promotion, the Fish Buffet will require some work on the player's part. They must manually opt-in to the promotion but once they have done so the Fish Buffet software will take care of the rest. When a player changes level, it will all happen automatically from within the game software. Please note that when delivering this information to your players you should make it very clear that players must opt-in. Players who have not opted-in to the Fish Buffet will not receive ANY rewards for their play.

Fish Buffet is a cashback ladder program, offering smaller percentages of cashback at lower levels up to higher amounts as players reach the higher tiers, with up to 100% cashback available at the very top. The amount of cashback received is determined by spinning the wheel for an instant cash bonus whose outcome is random within a range appropriate to the player’s current level.





What to expect

For players, the message will go out via email, blog posts, social media, dedicated web pages and in-app banners. Closer to the time of publication, operators and affiliates will receive detailed communications regarding prize breakdowns, Fish Buffet tiers, rules, mechanics and more. For now, here’s a brief rundown of what’s coming to help you set the stage for the new program:



  • Fish Buffet is a dynamic cashback program where the percentage of cashback increases as the player generates more rake within the given time frames

  • Fish Buffet replaces the current flat Rakeback rewards scheme

  • Players must opt-in to Fish Buffet, and can do so from the moment it’s active. Once opted-in, all play will count towards generating Fish Points (FP). If players do not opt in, their play will not be tracked for the purposes of rewards and they will not receive ANY rewards; it is important to stress this to your players from the first communication you send them about Fish Buffet

  • One Fish Buffet Point (FP) is earned for every $0.01 generated in rake/fees

  • The Fish Buffet consists of 25 different levels, each with different play and time requirements

  • Each time a new level is reached, the player will get to spin the wheel (fully integrated into the game software) to determine the size of the cash reward they’ll receive. The value of the amounts on the wheel rises with each Fish Buffet level



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Should you require further assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out. 

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