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Get in on the fastest growing gaming network in Asia!

Why Us?

Because we work relentlessly with you to unlock unlimited possibilities

At Natural8, we work hand in hand with you to help your affiliate business grow into a substantial and sustainable profit centre!

World Class Support

Our professional customer support agents work 24/7 to ensure you and your customers receive the best service ever.

Player Base Growth

Our monthly promotions and massive player base help you attract new customers and grow your business exponentially.

Fair Compensation Model

Our tier based compensation model ensures that our partners are rewarded appropriately for their hard work.

Let us make your life easier.


Rake more, make more. No BS.

Check out Natural8's ultra-competitive Tiered Revenue Sharing structure:

For example, an affiliate generating $25000 in revenue will be paid according to the structure like so:

$25000 x 35% = $8750 paid in commissions

* Players who request to be retagged to a different affiliate will need to contact their current affiliate to inform them of their intent to change affiliates. The player and current affiliate will be given SEVEN days to come up with a solution, failing which, the player can contact Natural8 to move forward with their intent to change affiliates.

*Please contact affiliates@natural8.com for affiliate deal enquiries.

*Natural8 reserves the right to modify or change the tiered affiliate structure without prior notice at its sole and absolute discretion.

*All affiliates are also subjected to the our Network Rules and 5x20 NGR requirements.

*Natural8 also reserves the right to reactivate players who are inactive for more than 90 days under a new affiliate. 


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